Weather Station Status

This website uses Meteohub (5.0s b180 - Raspberry PI Model 3) for weather conditions reporting.
It was last started 16/02/2020 22:00.

Component Status Age
Latest update time as of
04/04/2020 14:59
Meteohub realtime NOT Current 1143:54:18 > 0:01:30
16/02/2020 22:05
Meteohub FTP NOT Current 1143:54:18 > 0:05:15
16/02/2020 22:05
Meteohub weather data NOT Current 1143:59:21 > 0:05:15
16/02/2020 22:00

Status Updates

17/03/2019 - Apologies for the outage since the 13th. A reboot has resolved the issue. I am looking at replacing with a new Pi 3 and a new Micro SD card in the coming months to hopefully improve stability.

09/01/2019 - The battery installed back in Sept 2018 never seemed to work. On replacement in Jan 2019 it had low voltage. On replacement, overnight data returned to normal immediately.

The website template required updates to various components to keep weather data updating. At present, Weather Underground API is still working, but when it stops will transfer to Dark Sky API for forecast data.

Sadly, the webcam has now failed completely in the weather. I will not be replacing it at the moment, so the page has been removed from the site.


Jan 2019 - Battery replaced again and 24 hour data has resumed. Old battery faulty. Website scripts updated. Webcam page removed. Site now using HTTPS by default.

Sept 2018 - Battery Replaced in Vantage Vue unit.

Jan 2016 - Upgraded to Pi 2 and 16gb Storage

Dec 2015 - Added Weather Display Live to website

May 2015 - Weather Cam went live.

May 2015 - Website Revamped with increased data and Wunderground archives.

May 2015 - Meteohub replaced Weewx as the software to process data.

Jan 2015 - Davis Vantage Vue installed. Twitter updates ended.

June 2013 - Bridgend Weather launched